Daniel Carreira

The New Millennium or the just the same over-priced story?

The athlete’s village Millennium Water project is open for public consumption.  Touted by Rennie Marketing as the greenest neighborhood on the planet and the last waterfront community in...

Leak capped, Wall Street tumbles, Somalis hijack tanker and more world headlines

In this photo released by the U.S. Coast Guard, workers decontaminate a boom to be put back into use in Venice, Louisiana on May 4.

World Headlines

Deadly Blasts hit Bangkok Protest: A series of explosions hit the Thai capital where 3 people have been reported dead, and many more injured. Just recently, the unsettled atmosphere has been...

Extensive Vancouver School education cuts proposed: parents gather to protest

Parents Protest Education Cuts: Parents are demanding Liberals increase school funding across the province. Several hundred people packed a rally Sunday, April 18 at John Oliver Secondary School to...