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Cristina Peralejo


Jan 3rd, 2011
This weekend found my best friend and I roadtrippin’ down to Seattle for a little art.  SAM (Seattle Art Museum) was hosting works from the Musée National Picasso in Paris.  What ensued was...
Dec 22nd, 2010
After living in North America for most of my life, I moved to a hot climate where every single day was about 30 degrees.   While living in warm weather definitely had its advantages, the...
Nov 29th, 2010
What is it about mobile food that is so intriguing?  From snacks on road trips, to running for the ice cream truck, there’s something about food on wheels that simply gets the stomach growling....
Jun 29th, 2010
A friend of mine is into a car show called Top Gear and had me watch an episode recently in which three bungling British fellows receive the impossible task of getting from one end of Vietnam to the...
Jun 13th, 2010
Because the sun finally made its appearance on Saturday, hoards of hungry food samplers came out of hiding with only one destination in mind: the Summer Night Market in Richmond.
Jun 6th, 2010
An Indonesian food trip awaits you at Balilicious. Yum...
May 16th, 2010
Bonchaz = Bon prix + Bon goût. Bon appétit!
May 9th, 2010
The story starts with a sore throat.  You know the kind: like swallowing razor blades unless it’s some hot soothing liquid that calls mum’s chicken noodle soup to mind.  It wasn’t that I...
Apr 12th, 2010
Two new discoveries as this food junkie globe trots...
Mar 17th, 2010
Every single Chinese restaurant in the Lower Mainland and beyond has congee on its menu. You can basically avail of it anywhere and everywhere and often I do. However, there are two places that stan
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