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Claudia Goodine

Claudia Goodine is a Vancouver-based writer and journalist specializing in environmental journalism.  She has written about tankers in Vancouver for The Walrus and about “fracking,” peak oil and clear cutting of old-growth forests for Canadian Geographic. She has also written music reviews for the Vancouver Observer, book reviews and articles for Ricepaper Magazine and produced stories for Day 6 on CBC Radio One. Her background in sociology draws her to stories that offer historical, social and political context. She has a Master in Journalism from the University of British Columbia.



Aug 14th, 2012
With a history of incremental expansions, could Kinder Morgan’s plans to “twin” the Trans Mountain pipeline be just the beginning?
Aug 10th, 2012
A new study found that BC gets the largest economic benefit from construction and operation of the Northern Gateway pipeline, but economist Marc Lee argues external costs outweigh distorted benefits.
Aug 10th, 2012
The Canadian Energy Pipeline Association launches a big campaign to charm Canada. Critics remain unmoved.
Aug 8th, 2012
PM Stephen Harper says decision on Northern Gateway will be based on science, not politics, but Green Party MP Elizabeth May calls such rhetoric shameless pretending given Budget Bill C-38 impacts.
Aug 7th, 2012
The fate of Enbridge's Northern Gateway pipeline will be decided by the end of next year.
Aug 6th, 2012
NASA's Curiosity brings humans one step closer to setting foot on the red planet.
Aug 3rd, 2012
BC's new "minimum requirements" for a share or pipeline profits will apply to Kinder Morgan, but aboriginal community leaders and environmental lawyers say money is not the issue.
Aug 2nd, 2012
British Columbians are increasingly better informed about the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline project and its possible risks, the former ICBC CEO said.
Aug 1st, 2012
American studies say earthquakes are common in areas where shale gas development is booming. An increase in tremors in northeastern BC leads the provincial and federal government to investigate.
Jul 31st, 2012
Christy Clark stole the headlines when she walked out of the Council of the Federation meeting in Halifax last week, but what actually came of the national energy strategy on the agenda?
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