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Chris Shaw

Chris Shaw is the author of Five Ring Circus: Myths and Realities of the Olympics Games and a professor at UBC.


Nov 23rd, 2010
A capacity crowd of over 1000 people filled St. Andrew's-Wesley church last night as former British M.P George Galloway berated the Canadian government for barring his entry into Canada and...
Mar 5th, 2010
The costs of the Olympics were absurdly higher than VANOC or any level of government was ready to admit. The final number will come in north of $8 billion. How much north we may never know due to a r
Mar 2nd, 2010
I don't much like my country these days, indeed haven't for the last week or so.  Is it simply a case of me being an anti-Olympic no-fun grinch?  Maybe.   Or maybe it’s something else...
Feb 22nd, 2010
When it's all said and done, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is sure to declare the Vancouver Olympics the best Games, as they do for the Games wherever they take place. But much of...
Feb 3rd, 2010
The question is not whether opposing elements will meet in the streets. The question is what happens when they do?
Jan 27th, 2010
Here's the final installment of the District of North Vancouver's response to me about why Olympic corporate sponsors could use Distirct property to promote themselves.  Dr. Shaw: Sorry for the...
Jan 22nd, 2010
We learned this week that Fortress, the company that acquired Whistler-Blackcomb from a bankrupt Intrawest, is now in default to its creditors. The news sparked speculation that the resort might clos
Jan 21st, 2010
And what do I think of this? I think it's pathological.
Jan 19th, 2010
Some predictions for February's Olympic circus
Jan 11th, 2010
With the consumer frenzy of the holidays now past and the grey drizzly skies of January above us, many seem to have descended into their own winter of discontent.     In part, the...
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