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Chris Norris-Jones

Chris Norris-Jones is a UBC undergraduate, raconteur-in-training and lifelong nerd. He hopes one day to be able to write for a living, preferably about his first true love, video games.

He has a personal gaming blog at, and can be reached at


Dec 26th, 2010
Just released last month, UBC has now given enterprising entrepreneurs throughout British Columbia the tools they need to receive the information and guidance to help create and grow their own small...
Dec 22nd, 2010
The stores are all decorated, the commercials on television are blaring jingles at every possible opportunity and us students are finally beginning to see, through the piles of textbooks and essays...
Nov 10th, 2010
In Vancouver, census statistics have shown that around 1 in 8 households have a video game system. But we're not just a city of video game aficionados. Just like northern California is the centre of...
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