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Cathi Atmadjaja

Cathi Atmadjaja completed her MA from SFU in International Studies: Psycholinguistics, and is a graduate student at UBC, aiming towards a MSc in Speech Language Pathology and being clinically certified from CASLPA. She currently works as a Behavioural Interventionist for autistic children and, having lived abroad in Jakarta, Los Angeles, Nice, Heidelberg, Yokohama and most recently Taipei, has distilled a socio-cultural fragment of each country within her.


Jan 15th, 2010
Here is what's wrapping up in today's Olympic Roundup: 這是今天的奧運會新聞 Doping: Rogge vows to root out Vancouver dope cheats: IOC Chief will make sure that the Games are dope-free and will act on...
Jan 12th, 2010
Here is what's wrapping up in today's Olympic Roundup: 這是今天的奧運會新聞 TravelSmart 2010 Update: Start planning to leave vehicles behind for 2010 Winter Games Opening and Closing Ceremonies:...
Jan 5th, 2010
Here's today's Olympic Roundup: 這是今天的奧運會新聞 Vancouver 2010 Olympic Truce initiative to bring Olympic Spirit to Canada's Far North: The 20 Olympic Spirit Boxes decorated with blue and green colors...
Jan 1st, 2010
Some joined for the craze of it all, others wanted to try something new, and the more professional Polar Bear swimmers knew to keep their clothes on before the start of the swim.
Dec 29th, 2009
When the Vancouver City Council approved a $50,000 grant to the community organization United We Can (UWC), it was a boost for an on-street recycling initiative that supports “self-sustaining...
Dec 20th, 2009
VO's top Christmas gift recommendation is a sustainable gift with benefits to many in need.
Dec 16th, 2009
Here is our collection of Olympic Roundups for the following dates: Dec.16: Official Vancouver 2010 apparel a hit with Canadians and Olympic fans the world over The clearly red distinguishable $10...
Dec 16th, 2009
Cindy Pearson, VP & COO of BC Technology Industry Association, talks about linking Vancouver businesses with Olympic guests and media in this interview. VO: What is PODIUM all about? ...
Dec 15th, 2009
“I always say conducting is 40 percent music, 20 percent technique, and 40 percent psychology---psychology in the sense of how you convince people to go with your idea,” Hsieh said. Conducting is mor
Dec 14th, 2009
To Scott Moore, Sales Manager at Brooks Brothers on Alberni, “the JFK American look is actually what’s in fashion right now.” Brooks Brothers has been dressing American presidents from Abraham...
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