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Calyn Shaw

Calyn Shaw is a Vancouver-based journalist. He will earn his masters of journalism from the University of British Columbia this spring (if he can stop watching Canuck games long enough to finish his thesis). He predominately reports on issues of energy and the environment, but enjoys every opportunity to embrace his unhealthy sports addiction. He has been published in ESPN the Magazine and on  

Born and raised on the North Shore, Calyn fancied himself an athlete growing up. Unfortunately, giving up homeruns to Justin Morneau in youth baseball did not earn him his own opportunity to star in the majors. His sporting dreams dashed, he moved to the island where he absolutely dominated intramural soccer at the University of Victoria. He also found time to earn a BA in political science while at UVic. He now spends his time reminiscing about the “glory days” and telling anyone who will listen exactly what Mike Gillis should be doing to build a Stanley Cup winner.    

His favourite teams are the Canucks, Packers and Arsenal FC. He doesn’t have a favourite baseball team because he prefers cricket to America’s pastime, and he cheers for whichever NBA team is playing against the Heat.


May 5th, 2012
Will the Canucks look to add a playmaker to the top six this offseason?
May 2nd, 2012
Alain Vigneault is one of the NHL's most successful coaches. If he were to be fired, who would step up to take his place?
Apr 30th, 2012
Mike Gillis faces his most difficult offseason yet, as GM of the Vancouver Canucks.
Apr 28th, 2012
Whitecaps FC went into their match against FC Dallas last Saturday looking to find some offense while rediscovering their early-season defensive form. The Caps’ defense, led by goalkeeper Joe Cannon...
Apr 18th, 2012
The Bruins set a precedent last year for players treating hockey like war, and now the violence is out of hand. With even Sidney Crosby starting to get in on the act, it's time to call for...
Apr 12th, 2012
Ryan Kesler's diving theatrics mean he's not 100 per cent healthy as the Canucks face off against the Kings in the Stanley Cup playoffs.
Apr 11th, 2012
We’ve all been waiting 10 months for the NHL playoffs. The real season begins tonight. Without further adieu, our first round playoff predictions. Nolan takes the Western Conference, Calyn takes the...
Apr 4th, 2012
Forward Eric Hassli is expected to return to the Whitecaps lineup as they travel to San Jose to face the Earthquakes.
Apr 2nd, 2012
Do the Vancouver Canucks have what it takes to make it to the Stanley Cup finals again? The Sports Couple gives their reasons why they're a changed team from last season.
Mar 14th, 2012
In case you missed part one of our March Madness preview, "How to win YOUR pool", check it out here. Today the Sports Couple talks picks for the 2012 tournament. Without further ado, our upsets...
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