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Bill Henderson

Bill Henderson is an activist and 'winder operator' who lives in Upandunderland and Gibsons, B.C. He clearly remembers being a skunk, East Indian princess, red guitar, bee, a drunk, and a sports fan in previous lives. His present special interest is path dependence and the peak and sink topological nature of the climate policy process but doesn't view himself as much different from his fellow empty nesters who drop acid on game days.


Jun 16th, 2011
Marine biologist Alexandra Morton spoke recently in Roberts Creek as part of her Salmon are Sacred tour to build a citizens movement to help save wild salmon from pathogens from salmon farms. Morton...
Nov 5th, 2010
While there has been no shortage of opinion on the present effects  of Gordon Campbell's reign as premier there has been little thought given to his legacy for future generations of British...
Feb 4th, 2010
 The high mountains above the booming ground where I work in back water Howe Sound limit my walkman radio reception to CBC AM (except at night dumping barges). Mr Olympic Promo Man Rick Cluff...
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