East Van pilot project: on-street bike racks

Bikes are parked on the road to ease sidewalk congestion in this pilot project on Commercial Drive and East 6th in Vancouver.

Bike corrals are used in Portland, Montreal, Ottawa, Seattle, and other major cities throughout the world – and now we have our first one in Vancouver.

I noticed the corral being installed last week on the South-East corner of Commercial Drive and East 6th Avenue, outside JJ Bean and Dollar Grocer – two businesses with lots of customers who lock bikes on the street.

One parking spot can house 18 bikes. So far, the bike racks appear well-used and are nearly full of bikes every time I walk by. Today I asked a Dollar Grocer employee if things seemed any different with the new corral and he said it was much less crowded when he is stocking and arranging produce on the stands outside the store. He laughed and gave credit to our city’s “hippie mayor” and his bike-friendly initiatives.

A corner street in front of a business with lots of cycling customers is the best location for on-street bike parking, says the City of Vancouver website.

“The corner works the best as it creates a corner bulge,” reads the City website. “The bicycle parking area can be made bigger as it can extend into the corner clearance. This can also help with pedestrian and vehicle visibility at busy intersections.”

The City of Vancouver would like to know what you think about this trial for on-street bike parking or general bike parking initiatives. Write to: bikeparking@vancouver.ca.

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