"F*ck rape culture" graffiti defaces UBC building

Photo by Sauderite/Reddit

Anti-rape graffiti was scrawled across the UBC Sauder School of business and the plaza outside the Walter C. Koerner library after students allegedly participated in a variation of a cheer condoning underage rape. 

The chant, which was led by FROSH leaders and first-year commerce students at a Sauder School orientation, featured the following lyrics, according to a student who was at the event:  

 “Y-O-U-N-G at UBC, we like ‘em young, Y is for your sister, O is for oh so tight, U is for underage, N is for no consent, G is for go to jail.”

Critics were reportedly angered not only by the chant, but by the apology issued by the Commerce Undergraduate Society.

“While we do our best to provide a safe and controlled environment during formal Sauder FROSH sessions, there is admittedly little we can do to completely control what some leaders may expose their students to,” the CUS statement said.

CUS co-chair Jacqueline Chen also told the The Ubyssey, the university newspaper, that student leaders have known about the chant for years, and previously advised students to remove reports of it from social media so that it remains private. 

One first-year student who participated in the chant said it was meant to be "just for fun" and didn't find it offensive.

The incident sparked national outrage in Canada, particularly after the chant first came under fire at Saint Mary's University in Halifax. 

On Sunday, UBC English PhD student Lucia Lorenzi wrote a widely-circulated opinion piece condemning the chant and response by UBC representatives, who she said appeared to take the incident less seriously than Saint Mary's. 

"As a survivor of sexual assaults, including one that occurred on the UBC campus, I am tired of this," she wrote. 

"It is up to UBC, as a institution, to draw a line in the sand about what kind of behaviour will and will not be tolerated on campus."

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As a Commerce grad (not UBC)

As a Commerce grad (not UBC) I'm sure my reaction would have been "What >IS< this bullsh**???" Yes my classmates got rowdy at various times but the offensive comments were aimed at the Toronto Maple Leafs who during the period I did my MBA were ... pretty offensive.

We were not considered a particularly politically correct school but I'm pretty sure at least half my class would have responded the same way as me.

(PS. Kudoes to whoever re-jigged the Captchas - a lot of the ones offered in the last month or so have been completely illegible on a 17" laptop screen! This one I expect to get right the first time)


The issue that UBC and most other Canadian Universities should be resolving is the massive takeover of higher education by Asians, Chinese as well as Indian.  It is difficult for Canadian, not of Asian heritage to get accepted at many Universities, UBC, U of T are two of them.  We are selling Canada, now we are selling out the future.  Look at Europe, Scandanavia, Australia, West Coast USA and see the negative impact of selling out your future.  We seem destined to multiculture our way into Canadian oblivion.  I know Canada is a country of immigrants, but in the past, they were hardworking, blue collar Europeans.  Not the risk adverse pen pushers and exam cheats we have now.