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Nov 5th, 2012
Over 250 fans lined up outside of RW&CO yesterday to shake hands with Alex Burrows and discover what he's been up to during the NHL lockout.
Jun 14th, 2012
One year ago, the Vancouver riot tore the downtown core apart. Here's a retrospective of the stories from the day and its aftermath.
May 1st, 2012
Picking up Luongo is like buying gold bars: he is the safest goaltending commodity on the market in years.
Feb 27th, 2012
The Canucks made a few significant trades this afternoon before the NHL trade deadline. The biggest of them all: Cody Hodgson for Zack Kassian.
Oct 13th, 2011
If you are a hockey fan – and unless you live under a rock – you would know that the Vancouver Canucks played their first game of the season on October 6, 2011. Even though this would be a momentous...
Sep 1st, 2011
John Furlong and Doug Keefe released a review of the 2011 Stanley Cup riot, titled “The Night the City Became a Stadium”. The report blames alcohol and too many people in the viewing area, and...
Aug 15th, 2011
Former Vancouver Canuck Rick Rypien, known as "Ripper" to fans, was found dead today in his Alberta home, according to the CBC. He was 27 years old. Rypien played for six seasons in the Vancouver...
Jul 18th, 2011
Up to $7,000 each for uninsured damage -- but not for stolen merchandise.
Jun 17th, 2011
After the storm had settled, the Canucks spoke publicly about the Stanley Cup riots that occurred after losing game seven to the Boston Bruins.
Jun 16th, 2011
Vancouver businesses are surveying millions of dollars in damage inflicted by rioters after last night's post hockey-game mayhem in the city's downtown. Wynne Powell, CEO of the London Drugs chain of...