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Michele Bachmann's weirdest quotes

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Photo from Times Union

Republican congresswoman Michele Bachmann came out the winner of the  Iowa straw poll, narrowly beating out Ron Paul.

Dubbed "Crazy eyes" for her unflattering Newsweek cover, Michele Bachmann has proven herself a serious presidential candidate with the Iowa victory. Still, she has an impressive collection of crazy quotes that make Canadian politicians' gaffes look innocent by comparison.

Check out our top 10 picks: 

1. "There are hundreds and hundreds of scientists, many of them holding Nobel Prizes, who believe in intelligent design." (Oct. 2006)


2.  "If we took away the minimum wage -- if conceivably it was gone -- we could potentially virtually wipe out unemployment completely because we would be able to offer jobs at whatever level." (Jan. 2005) 

3. "Carbon dioxide is portrayed as harmful. But there isn't even one study that can be produced that shows that carbon dioxide is a harmful gas." (Apr. 2009)

4. "What I want them to know is just like, John Wayne was from Waterloo, Iowa. That's the kind of spirit that I have, too." (*note: Movie star John Wayne was born in Winterset, Iowa. The John Wayne to whom Bachmann mistakenly referred was a serial killer. June 2011.)

5. "I wish the American media would take a great look at the views of the people in Congress and find out: Are they pro-America or anti-America?" -(Oct. 2008)
6. "Many teenagers that come in (to work) should be paying the employer because of broken dishes or whatever occurs during that period of time...after six months, that teenager is going to be a fabulous employee." (Jan. 2005) 
7. "Does that mean that someone's 13-year-old daughter could walk into a sex clinic, have a pregnancy test done, be taken away to the local Planned Parenthood abortion clinic, have their abortion, be back and go home on the school bus? That night, mom and dad are never the wiser." (October 2009)  


8. "Gay marriage is probably the biggest issue that will impact our state and our nation in the last, at least, thirty years. I am not understating that.” (March 2005)


9. "And what a bizarre time we’re in, Jan, when a judge will say to little children that you can’t say the pledge of allegiance, but you must learn that homosexuality is normal and you should try it.” (March 2004)

10. "This really is the number one issue for our country right now, how are we going to deal with this threat of radical Islam.” (Sept.2006) 

(7) Comments

Guest August 14th 2011 | 7:19 PM

Everyone knows she is a nut.

Can she just drop out of the race already? Her point has been made.

Bibi August 14th 2011 | 9:21 PM

Every time I see her name in the press it makes my head explode. This is why I could never ever live (or travel) in the US. Too many nutbars...too many nuts who think this woman deserves taxpayer dollars...she who rants against taxes who is being paid out of peoples' pockets...crazy Christian nutbar with a gay husband, but if this is what America wants, have at her.

Bibi August 14th 2011 | 9:21 PM

I should say closet-gay husband. I got nothin against gays, but I really hate closet gays who pretend to de-gay people via therapy

Jean LeJeune August 14th 2011 | 9:21 PM

Yes she is nuts, but she just won the Iowa straw poll!!  Are most Americans now nuts?

Njuguna Ngugi August 15th 2011 | 1:01 AM

Actually, Bachmann is what the doctors ordered as the only way  for the Republicans to beat  Obama! for details check out

Bibi August 15th 2011 | 7:07 AM

Njugna, why the hell would anyone want to beat Obama? Sure, he's a pussy, but at least he has a heart. A box of chiclets or a badger would be less harmful as a president than a Repubican. 

asdf August 15th 2011 | 9:09 AM
Njuguna Ngugi wrote:

Actually, Bachmann is what the doctors ordered as the only way  for the Republicans to beat  Obama! for details check out -snip-

I'm no fan of Obama, and wouldn't mind someone else, but I would rather have him over this lunatic.