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Is Kate Middleton having an affair?

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Catherine Middleton got hacked.

It was reported today that a private investigator Jonathan Rees, who works for a newspaper, managed to gain access to Middleton's cell phone.


Is it because Prince William's brother Harry will be assisting Middleton with her flying lessons while William is away on Royal Air Force duties?

"Royal Roundup: Kate to fly the friendly skies with Prince Harry? ," wrote Royal Insider on Twitter.

Does the criminal inspector suspect that this is more than just a friendly gesture and that the two will fly off into the clouds leaving behind them only royal dust?

"Wills' diary is manic and to be honest, would any wife want to be taught by their husband?" a royal insider told BBC Royal Insider.

"Harry immediately offered and the Duchess is thrilled."


The British Army Captain's flying instructors call him a 'natural,' according to BBC.

Good times.

But this is not the first time something obnoxious like this phone hack has happened to the royal family. In fact, in 2007, Prince Edward, his wife Sophie and Duchess of Kent's bank accounts were cracked, reports.

Not cool.

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