What's on at the Vancouver Aquarium | Jan 5 – 11

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The Vancouver Aquarium lights up with Luminescence, celebrates conservationists around BC, spotlights animals with backbone and dives into the weekend with the hopes to inspire visitors to explore the oceans. Here's what's on at the Aquarium, from a press release sent to us by the organization.

Divers' Weekend (Upcoming)

Join us January 19 and 20 for the annual celebration of diving. This event engages divers and non-divers alike. Featuring diving demonstrations, dive exhibits and aquatic conversations, Divers’ Weekend will inspire visitors to further explore the oceans, exchange ideas and expand their horizons.

Murray A. Newman Awards (Upcoming)

The Vancouver Aquarium will host the 18th annual Murray A. Newman Awards on January 24, 2013. Joined by researchers and conservationists around B.C., Dr. Peter Ross and Chef Robert Clark will be recognized for their invaluable contributions to understanding and conserving our irreplaceable Western North American aquatic ecosystems.

Luminescence (On now)

This season, your visit to the Vancouver Aquarium will be brighter than ever with Luminescence. Whether it’s bioluminescence or fluorescence, aquatic light is an amazing spectacle you don’t want to miss. Come watch our sea animals, like water jellies and anemones, light up. Luminescence runs until January 22.

Spotlight on animals with backbone (On now)

Animals with backbones are called vertebrates. Whales, dolphins, seals and fish are marine vertebrates found in Howe Sound. The backbone plays an important role that enables vertebrates to move powerfully, relative to most invertebrates. Fish, one of the most diverse and abundant members of the marine ecosystem, have complicated skeletons and heavy body muscles that enable rapid swimming. Visit the vertebrates at the Aquarium today.

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