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Vancouver's own Ryan Reynolds named sexiest man alive

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We all love awards, but Olympic gold medals are so last season. With winter just around the corner, we all need a little more oomph to see us through the dark, lonely nights. Thankfully, Vancouver’s very own stud-muffin, Ryan Reynolds is on hand. Okay, so he's not as quite as on hand as we might like but we can always lock eyes with him longingly on the front cover of People magazine, who’ve just named him “Sexiest Man Alive".

To check out his fine-looking chiseled chin in action, (and equally fine-looking chest, legs, bum…sorry, I got distracted for a moment there) head on down to the your local video store to rent the very funny The Proposal (with Sandra Bullock). Or for something a little darker try X-Men Origins: Wolverine (the bonus being the equally good-looking Hugh Jackman).

If you’re game for a little anticipation, he’ll be well worth the wait when he stars as the lead in next summer's blockbuster adaptation of 'The Green Lantern'.

Previous owners of People’s sexy chalice include Johnny Depp, George Swooney (sorry, Clooney) and Richard Gere.