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Ski B.C.

The skiing in Whistler, B.C. is steep, deep and fun

Mike Tunick
Feb 18th, 2012

As the first surge of powder hounds arrived on the Peak Express chairlift, they flowed out of the Whistler Bowl and down the steep Shale Slope run. 

Eager skiers soaked in  the sun and  giant waves of fresh powder that had accumulated virtually untouched for the past three days. 

While most stayed on the wide-open bowl, a few brave riders ventured to the cliffs to the right.

Hundreds of skiers and snowboarders gathered at the bottom of the lift. They clapped their poles together or slapped their boards on the snow to entice all those who dared to stare down a drop of twenty feet or more.  Only a handful made the final leap to the soundtrack of cheers from below, but one thing was certain: everyone there was thoroughly enjoying their time at Whistler Blackcomb Resort.  

Snowboarding and skiing on the North Shore a thrilling Vancouver nightlife experience

David P. Ball
Jan 31st, 2012

Cypress mountain, ideal for night boarding and skiing. Photo from

Forget Vancouver's night clubs – catching a mountain view snowboarding and skiing at night time is a quintessential local experience. Open seven hours later than Whistler, at a fraction the price, Cypress Mountain offers beginners and experts alike the chance to admire Vancouver's city lights from above, and catch some thrilling runs without the crowds at the same time.

Family skiing in B.C.: the snow-capped Grouse Mountain

Janel Johnson
Jan 17th, 2012

Skiing on Grouse mountain

Looking to ski in B.C., but don't have the time for a four-hour drive? Look no further than Grouse Mountain in North Vancouver.

Grouse Mountain looms over my family’s East Van condo. It’s the first thing we see when we leave the house in the morning and the last thing we see when we come home at night. If I squint hard enough at the white swath etched into its front, I like to imagine we can see people skiing and snowboarding down it. In 20 years of living together in Vancouver, my husband and I have never once gone there.

My husband is from Morocco, and before coming to Canada had skied only once. I immigrated to Canada from California at age 11, and while I never skied with my family, I tagged along on skiing trips with friends a few times in my teenage years.

The safest heli ski guides have expertise and backbone

The Canadian Press
Jan 6th, 2012

When blinding sun strikes alpine snow in British Columbia backcountry, the enthusiasts strapping on high-end ski goggles will describe the mood as transcendent.

Until, of course, they chopper up to the very top, where the euphoria kicks up yet another notch.

"I liken it to the sensation of flying,'' said Tom Jackson, who's been heli-skiing for the past 15 years.

"On the way up, you're in a helicopter which moves 3-D, which in itself is pretty cool. On the way down, you have the sensation of floating through the powder and the sensation of weightlessness that's hard to get-except in your dreams.''

At thousands of feet in elevation, it becomes the mountain guide's job not to let that elation get to people's heads. Because missteps frequently have lead to deadly avalanches.

Three people have died in avalanches so far this winter season, including a heli-skier near Revelstoke, in southeastern B.C., who was the second person killed in the outdoors over two days last week.

Thrill-seekers will pay $1,000 to $1,500 per day in Canada for the insatiable rush of carving up uncharted territory, while taking in sensational views.

Where to ski and snowboard in B.C.

Jenny Uechi
Dec 24th, 2011

It's the height of ski season, and in between turkey and family reunions, many people are aching for a chance to hit the slopes. But where are the good places to ski in B.C.? Here's a short guide of some of the best ski and snowboarding options.

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