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Choosing wines on a student budget

Elliot Faber
May 3rd, 2010

For under thirty dollars, you can purchase wines from Greece to Portugal, Chile to South Africa, Argentina to the Okanagan.

 Wine, even on a student budget, can be delicious.

One of my favorite sites is With grapestories, you can accurately and easily upload your wines and read opinions from fellow wine geeks. And cellartracker is free to use.

Another tip for purchasing wine is  purchase by the case. Most wine shops offer a discount of five to fifteen percent when you buy by the case. It usually works out to getting a bottle of wine for free.

Wines for Autumn Evenings

Theresa Harrett
Nov 4th, 2009

November is sure to please with the typical fall weather we are having, complete with evening storms, rainy days and periodic clear skies giving way for winterizing opportunities before the rains begin again.  There I was this past weekend, equip with tarps, stakes for the shrubs and burlap to keep the future frost off my plants, raking leaves and putting away front porch furniture.  I will miss sitting and watching the world go by while sipping my favorite red on my favorite porch chair.  Unfortunately the latest reasonably priced star will have to be poured and sipped in front of the fire, however, not a bad alternative.

Wild Goose Pinot Gris 2007

Theresa Harrett
Aug 4th, 2009
My sister’s 50th was a great excuse for a road trip to Vancouver Island last month. Although I enjoyed the party and getting together with family, the drive home proved to be just as memorable. With mother and daughter in tow, we decided to take the scenic route back to the ferry on the old Island highway. As we grew hungrier and stomachs began growling, we stopped looking at the view and starting voicing suggestions for the perfect spot to pull into.

Delights of sparkling wine

Theresa Harrett
Jul 22nd, 2009

Bubbles, whether in a glass or a tub, make life worth living. How many of you out there have never experienced champagne and strawberries? My 78-year-old mother tried it last month for the first time in her life. In fact she loved it so much we had to do it all over again the next day. When I managed to get over the shock of not knowing this about her, she explained that bubbles and berries were supposed to be enjoyed with a romantic partner on special occasions. Hogwash… I say. Pour yourself a bath, load it with your favorite scent or bubbles, light some candles and add a bottle of sparkling nectar and fresh local berries. Invite someone to join you or climb in alone, either way you will float off to place worth visiting over and over again. Be it Champagne, Prosecco or Sparkling Wine, don’t wait to enjoy any of these and if you can’t come up with a reason yourself, here are a few suggestions for both the place and the product.

My daughter and her girlfriend spent an afternoon together last week, un-intentionally brain storming a sunny day idea.

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