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Clark and Boessenkool: A match made in Harperland

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How to best describe Ken Boessenkool, Christy Clark's new chief of staff?  "Former Suncor lobbyist", former "Enbridge lobbyist" and former Stephen Harper staffer and strategist. All  describe the BC premier's new leading team member.

Boessenkool was a former lobbyist and advisor to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and he will replace Clark’s first chief of staff, Mike McDonald. McDonald was demoted down to "principal secretary."

The Boessenkool-Clark alliance is a match made in Harperland. It is like a royal medieval wedding joining a British king with a French bride.  It can lubricate relations between BC and Alberta, B.C.'s Liberal premier and Canada's Conservative prime minister, as well as keep BC's pathway open for smooth relationships with Suncor, Enbridge and even Taser International, all of whom Boessenkool has represented as a lobbyist, according to the CBC.

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Alexis Stoymenoff January 14th 2012 | 12:00 AM

I wonder why Clark waited until now to welcome such an exciting new addition to her staff? Must be a coincidence that someone with such a rich history in conservative politics and the industry lobby happened to be looking for a new job...right at the start of these province-wide hearings.

Interesting quote from the premier in the Globe article:

“People, when they’re in the private sector, leave those things behind when they come to government”