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What does it take to be Christy Clark?

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Now that Christy Clark is BC's second female premier, her old talk show gig at CKNW news is up for grabs.

What does it takes to step into Clark's worn out shoes?

A "desire to win," opposed to a typical, you know, desire to lose. 

"A sense of humour," "an articulate communicator," and "an excellent storyteller." All of which are gifts of rhetoric that create public appeal for politicians, often controversially so.  

"A team player with demonstrated people skills."   

"Curiosity, original thought, intelligence and passion."

"Major market radio or television experience an asset," but not a deal breaker.

Fairly enough, job seekers should have "strong opinions and a variety of interests for which [they] are passionate."

Don't forget twitter. One must be "proficient at interactive media and social networking."   

And last, a “positive” and “friendly” attitude is required in order to face challenges with “empathy and sincerity.” Let’s hope Clark finds these skills transferable.

All requirements taken from the job ad, as advertised on MilkmanUnLimited earlier this week.