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Pink-Coloured Glasses

Tour De Drink Vancouver: a search for Vancouver's best after work hotspots

Stephanie WongKatie Peardon
Mar 22nd, 2011

Special thanks to our photographer Brice Ferré ( Look for more photos from this slideshow

1. The New Oxford Public House
1144 Homer Street, Yaletown, Vancouver, BC

Blouses and bow-ties: joining forces for a thriving workplace

Stephanie WongKatie Peardon
Feb 14th, 2011

K: The word "housewife"  – unless preceded by the words "real" or "desperate" – is dwindling from our generation’s vocabulary. Recent decades have seen women trading in full skirts and aprons for tailored pantsuits and pencil skirts, while replacing a child on each arm with a briefcase in one hand and a Blackberry in the other.

All new world for women in business

Stephanie WongKatie Peardon
Jan 18th, 2011


Stephanie: The business world is evolving. Ambitious young women are kick-starting their careers with an insatiable drive and hunger to reach the top, eager and ready to make their mark on the world. We are a part of the next generation of emerging leaders that, in a few years time, will take the reins in molding the world around us.


Yes, we want to be industry experts that are called upon for decisions of great magnitude. Yes, we worry about being able to balance our personal aspirations with our ambition to reach the top. Yes, we do care about whether we wear the black patent leather pumps or the red power heels to the next big meeting (hey, we love fashion too!).


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