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Olympic Round Up


Canada's Olympic soccer bronze a triumph for BC

Jenny Uechi
Aug 9th, 2012

Photo from Canadian Olympic team  website 

The BC-based Canadian women's soccer team scored big at the London Olympics, edging out France 1-0 on a goal by Diana Matheson in injury time (92nd minute) to claim the bronze medal.

It's an important win for Canada since the team's heartbreaking 4-3 semifinal loss to the United States on Monday. Christine Sinclair, the team's star forward from Burnaby, BC, was one of the players who criticized the referee after the controversial loss, saying she felt her team had been "cheated". Her remarks, as well as those of coach John Herdman, caused FIFA to say it would consider disciplining Canada's team, but authorities later decided not to suspend any players. 

The bronze medal will be a boost for Team Canada as it begins preparation for the upcoming 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup, which Canada is hosting.

BC Sport Minister Ida Chong commented:

London Olympics 2012 photos: Canadian athletes shine at the Games

Jenny Uechi
Aug 2nd, 2012

Photos from Canadian Olympic team website. Photos of Canadian Olympic men's rowing team by Jason Ransom. Photo of swimmer Brent Hayden and diver Alexandre Despatie by Mike Ridewood. Photo of cyclist Ryder Hesjedal by Frank Gunn.

At the London 2012 Olympics, Canadian athletes --many of them from British Columbia -- continue to make Canada proud.

Canada's Olympic women rowing team took silver today.

Victoria native Malcolm Howard and Gabe Bergen of 100 Mile House were among the British Columbians of the men’s eight rowing team to bring home a silver medal yesterday. Brent Hayden of Mission, meanwhile, took bronze in 100m freestyle, Canada’s first medal won in the pool during London 2012.

Check out more photos here.

Top 10 strangest Olympic mascots

Aaron Yeung
Jul 28th, 2012

Olympic mascots are meant to represent the cultural heritage of the host city. It's to embody the virtues of the games, and to characterize the event. They are the spokespeople of the world's largest sporting competition and a revenue-maker through merchandising. 

Somewhere along the way, things got lost in translation.

Here are the top 10 strangest, most bizarre Olympic mascots to date.

10: Vancouver 2010, Winter- Miga, Quatchi, & Sumi

9: Munich 1972, Summer- Waldi the Dachschund

8: Athens 2004, Summer- Athena & Phevos

7: China 2008, Summer- The Fuwa

Canadian Paralympic Committee celebrates 100 days to London 2012 Olympics with Facebook contest

Anja Konjicanin
May 22nd, 2012

Photo sourced from Canadian Paralympic Committee Facebook page

The Canadian Paralympic Committee (CPC) is, along with taking part in special events, launching a Facebook contest today to mark the 100 days until the start of London 2012 Paralympic Games, August 29 to September 9. They're looking for the "ultimate super fan" to win a trip to the Games.

Inspired by the CPC's recent "Super Athletes" marketing campaign, the "Super Fan" contest asks users to come up with a creative nickname, photo and brief description on what makes them a Canadian Paralympic Super Fan. Super easy, right?

Entries receive votes through Facebook "likes". The fan with the highest number of votes on their entry will be sent to London, England, with tickets to the Opening Ceremony, Paralympic events and spending money.

Here's what else is going on across Canada today to mark "100 days to go" milestone, from a press release sent to us by CNW Group.

Views of Vancouver's 2010 Games

Cathi Atmadjaja
Mar 2nd, 2010

Were the Olympics worth it for Vancouver?  The morning-after effects of the 17-day events have funneled our city into a blend of anxiety about the legacy of Vancouver 2010, hope for a tourism boost, and the smack of debt reality that won't reach fears of a recursive Montreal, 1976.  

Some lessons from the Vancouver 2010 Olympics: Cynicism and in-your-face facts about the Winter Games has some thinking.  Were you a "bandwagoneer" or a Games skeptic at heart? Canadians like a good game....winning the hockey game didn't hurt, too.  

What you thought about the 2010 Olympic Opening Ceremony: Positive and negative comments on our show to the world. 

The All Canadian Olympic Round Up

Avneet Bains
Feb 18th, 2010

Birthday girl Marianne St-Gelais wins short track silver for Canada

Marianne St-Gelais, the short-track speed skater from Montreal took second place in the 500-metre event on her 20th birthday, despite a false start and a crash on the first turn that required a restart.

Said St-Gelais of this momentous victory, "It's a wonderful birthday present…It's touched me very much.”

Her teammates, Jessica Gregg and Kalyna Roberge took fourth and sixth place in the event.

Another Canadian blow out

Outshooting the team they faced in the final four years ago in Turin 43-4 over the first two periods, the Canadian Women’s Hockey Team won another convincing victory and clearly, have yet to face a proven competitor.

TransLink Updates Commuters, Speculation Over the Final Torchbearer Continues and Many Olympians Face Setbacks Due to Injuries

Avneet Bains
Feb 11th, 2010

On Day 104, Torchbearer Kennedy Raine carries the flame on a Skyride at Grouse Mountain in North Vancouver, British Columbia

Commuter update: SkyTrain expanded for Olympic rush, while Canada Line can't cope

The Good News:

Trains for both the Expo and Millennium Lines will run every minute and 50 seconds instead of every three minutes. As well, service from Waterfront to King George will be extended to 2:15 a.m. during the games. TransLink also stated that the West Coast Express will run three or four extra trains each day during the duration of the Olympics.

The Bad News:

The Canada Line does not have the ability to lengthen trains or shorten its trip intervals so long lines are expected. Also, the last train will leave Richmond is at 12:48 a.m. After this time, commuters must catch a night bus at the station, which begins at 1:12 a.m. and runs every 30 minutes until 4:45 a.m.

Drivers are also reporting difficulties finding spaces at various park-and-ride lots around Metro Vancouver. Unfortunately, this predicament will continue during the 2010 games. TransLink is encouraging commuters to sign up for the RideShare program.

Vectorial Elevation Lights Up Vancouver Skies

Masumi Kikuchi
Feb 5th, 2010

Until I checked out the Vectorial Elevation website, I didn't realize that participation is a part of the art. You log into the website, design your own array of lights and it emails you when it'll be in the sky, takes a picture and sends it to you.  You can dedicate it to a friend or loved one on the website.  What a valentine!

The site will run for all of February and only allows the user to design their own art in the sky by manipulating 20 large searchlights. It also takes pictures of the results in the beautiful Vancouver skyline and sends an email notification to the designer.

Vectorial Elevation”イングリッシュベイの両端に20個の動くサーチライトが設置されています。環境面に留意しているのみならず、ライトの動きを私たちがデザインできるのです。サイトをご覧になりますと、現在どなたのデザインなのかがわかりますし、ウエブカメラで現在の様子を知ることもできます。 ご自身の思い描くアートをバンクーバーの空で試してみてはいかがでしょうか?(写真・文 菊地真澄)

View of the Vancouver skyline on Thursday night.

Canada's Pavillion Labeled as an Embarrassment, Lack of Snow on Cypress Becomes a Late-Night Punchline, and Olympic Skytrain Waits are Downgraded

Avneet Bains
Feb 4th, 2010

On Day 96, Torchbearer Collette Child carries the flame on a traditional First Nations canoe in Port Hardy, British Columbia.

Here's what making headlines:

Canada's Olympic pavilion big tent called 'rinky dink' and 'embarrassing'

Labeled as an "embarrassment" to the country and a "rinky-dink" effort by the 2010 host country, many are voicing sheer outrage and disappointment on the $10 million pavilion. However, Heritage Ministry spokeswoman Dierdra McCracken disagrees stating, "We think it looks quite nice…There will be lighting effects the public hasn't seen. We want them to wait before forming their opinions."

Letterman Suggests Olympic Athletes Bring Their Own Snow

The lack of snow on Cypress Mountain continues to draw attention as guest, USA Gold Medal snowboarder Shaun White, and David Letterman laughed about rumours that Vancouver doesn’t have enough snow up at the Cypress mountain half pipe venue on Tuesday’s night show.

Hospitals Prepared for Olympics, Hotel Georgia Not Ready for Games, Canadian Flagbearer

Cathi Atmadjaja
Jan 29th, 2010

Community Celebration in Kamloops, British Columbia

In Today's Roundup: 這是今天的冬奧新聞 

VANOC confirms team effort paying off to ready Cypress Mountain for 2010 Olympic Winter Games:

To account for snow melt and the warm weather VANOC and Cypress Mountain had closed the mountain in mid-January to ready the venue for the snowboard and freestyle courses. This in turn has allowed for them to implement their contingency plan where 300 truckloads of extra snow was used to build up the sites. A team of 45 worked 24/7 to transfer untouched snow from the top of Mount Strachan to Black Mountain.  

由于天气不够冷,雪都融化掉, 一月中开始温哥华冬奥筹备委员会已把Cypress Mountain 停止开放以便能筹备滑雪板和自由滑雪的练习。使得他们能实行他们的应变计划, 就是用装满雪的三百辆卡车来盖起这个地方。有四十五个人不分昼夜把新的雪从Mount Strachan 顶搬到Black Mountain.

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