Eyes healed by Ayurvedic treatment

Ashok Puri poses with the head doctor at the Sreedhareeyam eye clinic in Kerela, India

Ayurvedic eye treatment helped heal my eyes, after Western doctors declared my condition 'untreatable.'


Some years ago, I had a cataract operation. At the time, I was overly anxious and excited to have my vision improved. Cataract operations are so routine and quick that I couldn't wait for the results.  After the operation, I opened my right eye, expecting 20/20 vision.


Unfortunately, this was not the case.  My sight went unchanged and remained at 20/60.  I was diagnosed with idiopathic perifoveal telangiectasia shortly after.  This is a rare, irreversible condition in which there is leakage of fluid from extra blood vessels around the fovea, a part of the eye that allows sharp vision for reading and watching television. The worst part was not just that this condition can lead to blindness, but that there is no known cure in the allopathic system of conventional medicine.


I was given one option, an expensive non FDA-approved injection called Avastin, which had no guaranteed results.


While I was still contemplating whether I should go for the injection or not, my job brought me to India. I went door-to-door looking for answers,  exploring everything from homoeopathy, naturopathic doctors, eye specialists, to mystic men with healing powers and quacks with claims of magic cures. Finally, I ended up in an eye clinic in Kerala, southern India. The clinic, called Sreedhareeyam, practiced Ayurveda --a system ancient Indian medicine, developed over thousands of years of trial and error. 

The head ayurvedic doctor assured me with confidence that the clinic could definitely arrest the leakage and further deterioration of my eye, but could not guarantee restoration of the already deleterious effects of the damage already done.


This news was very reassuring.  After three weeks of intense treatment in the clinic, I returned to Vancouver.  My total expenses, including lodging, fees, treatments, a four-month supply of medicine and all meals, was only $800 CAD.  None of this, of course, was covered by the Medical Service Plan (MSP).


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Ayurvedic Remedies

Wonderful as always! Will be coming for more I learn a lot every day. Keep on the good work <a href="http://www.ayurvedic-remedies.net/">Natural Home Remedies</a>.

To contact mr.ashok puri

Hello Mr.Ashok,

I just went through your article on sreedhareeyam and am pretty inspired by their work. I am suffering from retinal detachment and the doctors have suggested me the same injection 'avastin' and I,like you do not wish to go for it. 

Hence, I would like to get in touch with you to know more about your experience with sreedhareeyam. It will be great if you could help me with the same and oblige.



Anil Sonthalia.



Great Blog!! That was amazing. Your thought processing is wonderful. The way you tell the thing is awesome.


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Ayurveda eye health

Wow! I wish they had a clinic like that for eyes here. Im stuck with plugs in my tear ducts, eye drops all day long, and now im going to try colloidal silver. I have dry eyes and a month ago went through a horrific eye inflammation issue that has now left me with worsen eye issue. Oh well, glad to hear someone is getting help this western modern medicine is killing us all nothing we can do but Pray and ask for healing!

Retinal Detachment

Hi Anil,

I saw your comment here for your problem of Retinal Detachment. Can you let me know what steps you have considered for your problem and if you have taken herbal treatment for this.


I am very desperate and need help for this problem.







Dear Mr AshokRead your

Dear Mr Ashok

Read your article, great, thank god that you ended up at sreedhareeyam  and got the sight back.

In fact I am going to get admitted on this 17th for treating CSR , I had in fact CSR 7 years agoon botheyes and did Laser on my right eye but one year back I had vision problems and almost lost vision of that eye, which may occur after laser tratment they say so ,eye specialists suggested taking injection and doing laser for the other eye I said thankyou and am now gng to Sreedhareeyam.



address of sreedhareeyam eye clinic, keral

i shall be obliged if someone ould provide address or email id of the above clinic.


i have experienced that one should avoid allopathy treatment which have serious side effects and ultimately one loses the sight.


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