No oil pipeline here: Enbridge Northern Gateway Joint Review Panel in Smithers finds 100% opposition

Wet'suwet'en Chief Darlene Glaim: "We have always held title to our land and have not negotiated it away.We come from a rich territory. Our lands keep us spiritually, physically and emotionally healthy."

It’s unanimous: all of the interveners who gave testimony to the Northern Gateway Joint Review Panel in Smithers oppose the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline. The Wet’suwet’en, BC Métis and Stikine MLA Doug Donaldson all asserted the Bulkley Valley is shared by different cultures which share a dependence on clean rivers for wild salmon.

Without salmon, none of the communities could thrive. The proposed pipeline puts the wild salmon and other wild food at risk.

The Wet’suwet’en have stood up for their heritage many times in the past.With the Gitxsan First Nation they blockaded logging in their traditional territory in the late 1980s, an action which culminated in the Delgamuukw decision of 1997. In that case, the Supreme Court of Canada held that aboriginal title is protected by the constitution and oral history can be presented as evidence of title.

Twenty two Wet’suwet’en spoke for about 15 minutes each. They identified themselves by chief status, house and clan, matrilineal lineage, patrilineal lineage, grandparents, mother, father, siblings, number of children and grandchildren. The testimonies described a system with no parallel in the law of private property. Each house or clan has rights to different parts of the territory. Hereditary chiefs allocate the resources within the house or clan. So family relationships, in the form of clan and house identity, define a person’s relationship to the land: where they hunt, fish, trap and with whom. Intervener after intervener in effect told the panel, “This land is my identity, my culture, my laws and my language. Without it, I lose who I am.”

Darlene Glaim, a hereditary chief, described the clan and feast system of governance. “Whenever we hold a feast, what happens at the feast becomes law,” she explained. “Without that, we wouldn’t survive Canadian governance.” Extra food is traded and reallocated at the feasts, and hereditary chief names are given. Family members are responsible for providing and sharing wild game, plant medicine, berries and fish. Elders train the youth to become chiefs because they will inherit chief identities as elders pass away.

The interveners’ description of land rights sounded like story telling: memories of going to places where they possessed the right to hunt moose, run a trap line for rabbits, fish for salmon or harvest berries and medicinal plants, with the relatives who were responsible for teaching them about those rights, the skills they needed to get food, and the ways of showing respect.

For example, Chief Ron Mitchell testified that he was born into the House of Many Eyes, of the Small Frog Clan and had a Gitxsan father. Thirty people stood up while he spoke, indicating that he is a chief that speaks for them. He told the panel that of eleven siblings, nine are still alive. He was a translator for the Delgamuukw  decision and a writer for the Wet’suwet’en.  

He spoke of his late father giving evidence in court. “The lawyers ask us over and over again about our family tree. I would like to know about their family tree. We know ours.” When he was a child and his family moved from camp to camp, they would leave a big fire burning to mark their camp as a place that needed to rest so the wildlife could return. He described the land area his people are caretakers of and how his brothers and cousins bring him wild game.  He talked about his uncles and fathers teasing each other about who got more beaver. As a kid, he packed out the moose, beaver, elk and bear that his family hunted. This work made him fast enough to come in 4th out of 300 in a regional cross country race.

Chief Mitchell told a few more stories and ended with how important it was to him that his grandchildren be able to stop anywhere in the territory to get a drink of water and to know where the berry patches are and to eat the food from the territories. “The answer to the topic in question today is a resounding “no” in the name of the House of Many Eyes, the Beaver and Fireweed clans and in the name of my grandchild,” he concluded.

The testimony and stories ran from 9 until 5, with presentations averaging 15 minutes. Every single person told stories of getting food from the wildlife of the land and how this defines their culture. And every single person gave Enbridge a distinct “no.” Many people testified in Wet’suwet’en and had their testimony translated.

Lorena Morris set up a display table with canned huckleberries, oolichan grease, soap berries, devils club tonic and sockeye salmon. She said people were buried where they died in the territory, and the whole area is a graveyard.

Lucy Gagnon said she couldn’t fathom a world without salmon. Samantha Vincent said she shot her first moose at 16 and shot her last one a month ago. Richard Sam said that the river is life blood to his people and every established and ephemeral stream the pipeline passes runs into the river that his people depend on for their existence.

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The Pipeline Vs. Earthquakes

I am happy to finally see the subject of how this pipeline would be able to cope with being in the most seismically active region in Canada.  It can't. Period.  Imagine a tanker in the narrows when a tsunami makes landfall. is using Steve is using Steve Harper’s Tory Reform Party MP Tony Clement's  P.O. Box to solicit donations.




Repost from Mike Rilstone – They are ^NOT a small grass roots organization. is running off of Tory Reform Party MP’s Jason Kenney's own IP address!





repost from Jarek Niskiewicz  - Not only are they hosted on the same ip address but they also use the same DNS Server - given that there are millions of hosting companies and tons of DNS servers this is not coincidence... Further the IP address used has few domain names on it! @Chris, no it's not the same as city, it's much more like the same house and given the fact that under 20 domains are hosted on it, it's much more like the same room.... City would be if the IP address was in the same class, those two are under the same IP - huge difference. The domains hosted are:: and ( Next time the idiots wanna hide shit they should hire the right people to do the job...




repost from William Jordan - Of the four national federal parties (didn't check Bloq) only the NDP & Green's host in Canada on a Canadian IP. While the Tories and Liberals both use Peer1 only the Liberals appear to be in their Toronto NOC. The NDP use Montreal's iWeb to host their site. The Green's also use a Quebec based company, Netelligent, for their hosting.


That these"groups" all use The Planet to host these sites it is their use of the same IP that suggests co-ordination. The very same IP at minimum donotes using the same server (physical or virtual). Therefore it is reasonable to assume it is the same account.


While one hosting server can be shared by hundreds of disparate websites it is very unlikely that websites created at different times would end up on the same shared hosting server.


It is possible but an enterprising journalist who still believes that the public has a right to know and that is why we guarantee a free press might actually call The Planet to find out. Or ask the Minister and Enbridge directly. After all public funds, personnel and other assets may be being used (or abused) in this supposed collusion.




Domain registry on shows that it is owned by Ezra Levant.




Repost from Stepehen Lautens' Twitters:  **AND** are both hosted at

- 3 IPs apart


Now here's an interesting bunch of sites on the same server:,,!/stephenlautens/status/157879902908059648/photo/1




Viewers of Ethical Oil’s disingenuous new ad campaign aren’t being told about the intricate web of industry influence peddlers behind the effort AND their connections to the Harper government and oil interests.


The lines between politics and big business interests are so blurred, it is nearly impossible to distinguish them.





The Ethical Oil cluster of websites and Joe form a distinct sub-group within the Go Newclear network, with unmistakeable signs of common development and a deployment seemingly aimed at obfuscating the link to Newclear team. So there is more than just common ideology tying to the Conservative PR machine; they also share digital service providers – and a lack of transparency.





Now, as you know I've been stating that it's obvious that Ethical Decision (really, why pretend they are truly different organizations) is a government shill wrapped in the pretense of being a grass-roots organization.  If you were paying attention a few weeks ago you would have seen clear synchronization between Harper, key players, and the Ethical Decision team.





The "Ethical Oil" dial-a-quote Kathryn Marshall is married to Hamish Marshall, Stephen Harper's former strategic planning manager.


She worked for the right-wing Fraser Institute. They accepted donations from far-right American oil billionaires such as the Kochs and Scaifes. SO LAME ‼




No pipeline!



Stability is only ever going to benefit the corporations or the 1%.

If Mr. Harper isn't going to do the will of it's own people he has to go.

After a vigorous public debate that excludes corporate influence a referendum on the tarsands pipelines, native land claim settlement, Quebec self determination, peacekeeping, Israeli apartheid, RCMP reform,  fish farms, tax evasion, hockey rules,
prohibition(feel free to add others) should be held, and soon.

I call on the opposition parties to put forward to Parliament a request by the people for a NATIONAL debate to discuss these issues openly.

I've had enough of the CONS secrecy and citizen bashing.

Go Canada!

Pipe this

Little stain Harper is just that, the son of an oil man, the stain of a country. His pipe dreams of selling oil to a despot China is sickening. He is a pvssy chump from a family of cowards. The cvunt cuts veteran benefits but buys billions in jets. Who needs soldiers when u got shiny jets? A jelly bellied goof who could never serve our once great, but now soiled, nation, in the field of battle. Its guys like him who make pancreatic cancer serve a purpose, we can only hope.

grow up you tree huggin boneheads

There are 50 times more ocean freighters visiting our North American coast daily. Chop up those polluting highways made out of oil products. Get rid of those shingles on the roof. The spin off from this project will create more tourism and fishing in BC as well as economic well being for our children. Health care and education will get a boost as well. Get a life ya boneheads.....

Human Rights and Law Still Trump Private Profits in Canada

There is also the Case of the Mysterious Missing Oil Tanker Moratorium coming to light, as well as the legal protection of the Orca reiterated again just this week. This "deal" is no more than a pipe dream of a few misguided Oil Tycoons and their "not voted for" political minions. Independent polls show 78 and 80% of Canadians oppose this deal. Does that make us all "enemies of Canada"? Or are we sliding into a tyranical dictatorship?

Serious stupidity

Maurice B wrote:

There are 50 times more ocean freighters visiting our North American coast daily. Chop up those polluting highways made out of oil products. Get rid of those shingles on the roof. The spin off from this project will create more tourism and fishing in BC as well as economic well being for our children. Health care and education will get a boost as well. Get a life ya boneheads.....


Maurice B wrote:

There are 50 times more ocean freighters visiting our North American coast daily. Chop up those polluting highways made out of oil products. Get rid of those shingles on the roof. The spin off from this project will create more tourism and fishing in BC as well as economic well being for our children. Health care and education will get a boost as well. Get a life ya boneheads.....

How ignorant are you?? The economy is something WE created, something WE built, while nature on the other hand is NOT. Its VERY ironic that you mention "the well being of our children" when logically this would not only be hurting us in the long haul, but also destroying an entire coastline. What will the children have to see? Dead fish in a black tar sand water? Well guess what? I am one of those "Children" you are referring to, and fuck you if you think you're going to ruin my coast line, asshole! Just because you're going to die before I do doesn't give you the right to fuck up the world for the rest of us in your extremely short sighted plan. 



Looking out for the well being of MY children.