Boy cries as he asks CEO to leave sacred land alone

Nine-year-old Tahltan boy Caden Jakesta, Pat Edzerza and Jerry Quock expressed opposition to Fortune Minerals CEO Robin Goad during a recent meeting to discuss a massive coal mine planned for a region in northern BC's Sacred Headwaters.

In the video by Beyond Boarding, who spent three weeks with the Tahltan, Jakestra starts crying as he tells the Fortune Minerals CEO:

"I don't want you to drill...I don't my grandpa's camp to be digged (sic) up."

Goad responds, looking to the group:

"We should just clarify -- there's no tailings ponds associated with this project," and leaves after a brief argument with members of the Tahltan Nation.

The Sacred Headwaters, known as "Klabona" by the Tahltan, is the source of the Stikine, Nass, and Skeena, three of Northern BC’s major salmon-bearing rivers.

The Tahltan First Nation have worked with northern BC communities to oppose development projects before: Royal Dutch Shell abandoned coal-bed methane development in the Sacred Headwaters, due to an anti-drilling campaign. But Fortune Minerals has been pushing to get approval of the Arctos Anthracite coal project, which the company said will generate $10-billion in revenue. Last month, the Tahltan served Fortune Minerals with an eviction notice, warning them not to engage in further mining exploration in their territory. 

The Arctos Anthracite Project is a joint venture with a subsidiary of South Korea's POSCO, one of the world's largest steel companies, and would turn Klappan Mountain into a 4,000 hectares pen-pit anthracite coal mine to export coal to South Korea. 

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That aside, (didn't really want to watch another child cry anyways) this is a very important protest in that this IS Tahltan Territory, what "right" does this company have coming onto their land and "pushing" something this tribe does not want (or anyone else with any brain in head) as it affects 3 very important rivers, untold ecological sites and species, all so this "mine" can "make potentially 10 billion in REVENUE".

Thank you to the Tahltan people. This is one moonias that does not in any way support the policies of either the LIEberals (provincial) or CONs in their earth-destroying "for profit" endeavors.

Call, and we will come. No profit needed other than proper stewardship and protection for these extremely vital water links.

They want to threaten the Tahltans with prison and "arrest" for blockading ON THEIR OWN LAND.

Hrmm. Why even BS them (the FN) anymore? You want (the govt) what you want and take what you want regardless of laws or title.

Typical colonial attitudes still abound under pretense of "progress"

The govt's these days are nothing but mouthpieces for greed.


Tahltan I support you. BC government, you disgust me.

extract from an interview with the CEO named above

(extract start:) "Asian Metal: What challenges might Canadian companies be facing over the next few years?

Robin: Well the environmental permitting process is becoming more and more onerous all the time. But I think that the governments here in Canada have finally come to the recognition that the challenges of permitting new mines have probably gone too far. We are starting to see some indications that the governments at all levels are trying to streamline the permitting process. There is certainly recognition that it takes a very long time to navigate the permitting process and it is very expensive for smaller companies in particular. First Nations is also a difficult and complicated issue here in Canada. But developers enter into impacts and benefits agreements with First Nations so they will benefit from resource development in their traditional territories. " [snip]

(extract end).

So there it is. Robin Goad (who has earned his name: goad meaning "to provoke or annoy (someone) so as to stimulate some action or reaction" - well, you've done it now, 'pal') reduces all human elements to numbers, percentages, and profits.  

This extract proves that Goad believes FN people can just be bought off, and expects the government will support industry in order to ram through whatever foreign country serving venture they dream up.  I am outraged and disgusted that the BC government has allowed drilling to proceed and have not fulfilled their obligations to recognize the FN as the true owners and heirs of this territory, and prevent the likes of Fortune, Goad, and their ilk (I mean, look how out of place he look in the natural environment).

For pity's sake, even the name of the company - Fortune - smacks of irresponsible profiteering at any cost.  The claim of 500 jobs and billions of dollars profit is a drop in the bucket compared to what this land is worth if left unmarred and ravaged by the likes of companies like Fortune.

We - everyone - should be THANKING the FN for this beautiful land. It is they who have fought the incredibly tough and stressful battles to keep their land pristine - look at how beautiful it is, in "this day and age".  It is not by chance that this amazing landscape exists today: it is by their action, and this is their entitlement.

Write the government and tell them this is unacceptable.

 Support the FN through media.  

Let the fat cats know they are not welcome, even though they likely do not have the vision or humanity to see the true significance and impact their destructive greed carries.

How to get involved


that's where I found great ways you can help