Cheeky "Kinder Morgan Surprise" site offers daily critique of Trans Mountain pipeline expansion

The following is adapted from Kinder Morgan Surprise, a new site featuring a tongue-in-cheek "advent calendar" created by professor Erica Frank, MD, MPH, that gives daily information on the proposed Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project from an environmental safety point of view. 

December 23: What are the facts? 

The main issue is that Kinder Morgan Canada is proposing adding a 900 kilometer-long new pipeline to its existing system between Edmonton Alberta and Burnaby British Columbia (see the map below). The $4.1 billion project would increase the system capacity from 300,000 barrels per day to at least 750,000 barrels of bitumen coal blend per day, with most of it going to Asia, creating a four-fold increase in tanker traffic to the BC coast.


December 24:  How have things changed? 

Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain pipeline was originally built in 1952 to ship methane ('natural gas'), and was designed to meet the Lower Mainland's energy needs. In 2005 Kinder Morgan (run by executives from Enron Corp) purchased the once-public BC Gas and its pipeline to ship bitumen from Alberta's oil sands, and to change from the prior, collectively-motivated imperative to a profit mandate.

With the bitumen increasingly destined for Asian markets, tanker traffic in Burrard Inlet increased from 22 oil tankers in 2005 to 71 by 2010.


Kinder Morgan reports 96 tankers in 2012, and anticipates 336 for 2018 when they hope to launch. Notice that, according to Kinder Morgan's statistics on the attached graph, this would make more tanker traffic than all (usually much smaller) vessels combined for fishing, passengers, sailing and other pleasure craft, and the military.

December 25: It's Christmas day: what can you possibly find to complain about Kinder Morgan today? 

[Buzz kill alert!] Why do you think all that carbon is being barged to Korea and China? To be burned to make electricity for manufacturing plants to change other fossil fuels into plastic entertainments that are shipped back to North America, wrapped in dead trees, and put under your family's dead tree. Well, you asked.

December 26: So what's next? What about Kinder Morgan's safety record?

In just four years, within the 65 kilometers between Abbotsford and Burnaby Mountain BC, much information has come to light about Kinder Morgan, including a government report on a 2005 Kinder Morgan spill, and an article on a 200,000 litre Kinder Morgan spill in 2009, and a 2007 accident where "about 234,000 litres of oil shot 30 metres into the air for about 25 minutes, covering some nearby homes, and oozing into Burrard Inlet."

The article goes on:

"The Transportation Safety Board eventually concluded the line was improperly marked on outdated drawings used by the contractor and blamed the spill on inadequate communication between Kinder Morgan and the contractor."

Here's an article on a Kinder Morgan explosion in California in 2004 that killed five workers, and earned it fines for "willful violations".

map sourced from Kinder Morgan Surprise 

Have a look at the map above: why would we invite this company and its willfully-violating, exploding, shooting, covering, oozing, leaking, spilling, improperly-marked, and inadequately-discussed product to go through this precious and currently-delicious marine ecosystem, and its watershed (more on the watershed tomorrow)?

For more updates, see Kinder Morgan Surprise. 

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No Freaking Way

Anything and anybody associated with EnRon should not be allowed to invest or own a company or part of a company in Canada. This is just inviting trouble. And on such a controversial issue, you would have to wonder just how much Stephen Harper and Christy Clark are under threat of assasination from the Zionists to allow them to destroy the province of British Columbia from Trans Mountain and EnBridge.

Stop crazy scheme!

Obama: ‘Where I was wrong is in my belief that the oil companies had their act together when it came to worst case scenarios.’— May 2010 , press conference. President Obama sums up the the common ‘message’ that major corporations such as BP,and Exxon  would have us believe; likewise for   pipe liner Enbridge in Kalamazoo,Michigan .and Kitimat.Now closer to home and Kinder Morgan...An Experts Panel presentation about ‘CRUDE OIL EXPORTS THROUGH SECOND NARROWS’ –was given to the Vancouver City Council,July 5 ,2010))---see link through this report and then decide what you can do to stop this crazy scheme to expand oil tanker traffic in our busy Burrard Inlet.Also,think about the potential for an oil tanker ‘hit’ on the CNR Second Narrows Rail bridge and the economic impact of a damaged rail about the work done by Tony Au (rail lift bridge operator;now retired,I believe)—here’s the link here’s an excerpt from this report... “Tony’s ability to juggle the incoming rail andmarine traffic .....that kind of precise coordinationactually requires meticulous attention,points out Plant Maintenance supervisor,Don Brears....... POINT: Incidents do happen—what we must  do, is minimize the probability and the resultant consequences of that incident.The ships get larger but the 'narrows' remain narrow!What to do?1. Ensure that all operating staff are competent and trained—make training  a priority for Board of Directors attention—2.  As for the Burrard Inlet---remove all Kinder Morgan facilities and oil tanker traffic to Roberts Bank—where they BELONG! Shipping , pipelines and rail are vital services---we need to make maximum effort to do the sensible thing. If you agree make your views known—contact your MP,MLA, Media favorite ;everyone you know before it’s too late to make common sense changes... Carl Shalansky,P Eng(retired)


Attention:Enbridge Northern Gateway and Kinder Morgan pipe liners This ELEPHANT REMAINS IN THE ROOM---who pays when that ‘incident’ happens--not IF, but WHEN! Some talk of BILLIONS of dollars per incident---when asked ‘who pays?’ usually deafening SILENCE ensues.As a citizen (tax payer) I do not want to pay the cost of the clean up for the inevitable  screw ups—and endless lawsuits which are bound to follow...??Good design and construction is anticipated for the pipeline and shipping;ok. But who’s designing and constructing the DISASTER INSURANCE PLAN to cover cost of THAT INCIDENT? The beneficiaries; there are several—the Federal and Provincial Governments ; and Local Constituencies are desperate for the revenue--the oil producer, the pipeline operator and the shippers too will benefit handsomely I’d guess---and all these ‘revenuers’ and ‘profiteers’ could buy MUCH NEEDED PUBLIC SUPPORT if we could see a business plan that would show how they, together, will create a DISASTER FUND to cover any and all costs for minor or major incidents and law suits.And yes, the governments too would need to contribute part of their ‘take’ to this professional,commercially developed Disaster Cost recovery plan. Call the big underwriters—I bet they would be happy to counsel in development of such a disaster plan... I would hope that such a commercially developed scheme would  include some form of ‘built in’, on-going checks and balances (due diligence) by the insurer to ensure that each payer is maintaining certain standards of practice that would minimize the occurrence of incidents???Rates to vary in accordance with the deductible and  the insured’s ‘safe practice’ records!! A scary thought possibly for Enbridge and KM—and the rest of the project participants—but I need the comfort in knowing that those benefitting will not be burdening ME with the cost of that eventual ‘incident’!OK?