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Vegan food and drinks at Gorilla Food

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Sep 21st, 2011

Gorilla Food serves up organic, raw, vegan delights

The first time that I went to Gorilla Food it was a horrible grey day. I couldn’t believe I was about to descend below street level and head ‘underground’ for lunch – could it get anymore depressing?

When I walked in, I was pleasantly surprised by the warm, cozy, and inviting atmosphere that was Gorilla Food. The bright colours, beautiful artwork, rock wall, and well-placed tree trunks give the impression of being somewhere far, far away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Vancouver.

Daring to try something new, I let the friendly and helpful staff choose my lunch items. I was shocked by the amount of organic food set in front of me just a few minutes later (they’re really quick there!) for a $20 value:

Composting is sexy with the Red Dragon

Manda Aufochs GillespieSponsored Content
Apr 21st, 2011

This is a product review that turned into a love story.

It started out simple. I was going to review a composter. Although, not just any composter, an electric assist little number called The Red Dragon. I already find composting sexy. If you don't know, then maybe you will when you think of its impact.

Biodegradable materials make up 40% of the average family's garbage bag and as much as 65% percentage of landfills--and things in landfills virtually never biodegrade. That means that they don’t break-down (usually with the help of bacteria) into something like soil that “feeds” other life with its carbon. Hotdogs and newspaper (both potentially biodegradable) just sit in the anaerobic environment of a landfill and they sit there in tack for hundreds of year or forever. At my house they could be fertilizer within 24 hours.

Green Mama Red Dragon Review

Cariboo Brewing Reforestation Program to plant 150,000 trees in BC by end of 2012

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Feb 17th, 2011

Since early 2010 Prince George based Pacific Western Brewing, the makers of Cariboo beer, have been planting 50,000 trees a year in BC in order to help combat the recent devastation caused by catastrophic wildfires and the rampant pine beetle infestation.  

Green Products from EcoConvenience

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Feb 10th, 2011

I don't know about you but I get a little pang of guilt thinking about how many of the everyday activities I do hurt the environment. With major cosmetic and personal care products full of harmful chemicals and all the disposeable water bottles and plastic bags I never seem to quite avoid, I worry about my the impact on the ecosystem and my body.

Fruition Day Spa

Sophia Cheng
Feb 7th, 2011

Fruition Day Spa in North Vancouver

Located in a tranquil area of North Vancouver, Fruition Day Spa is luxury and relaxation all-in-one - providing pampering services from manicures, pedicures, and waxing to facials, massages, and make-up applications. The space is boutique style with three treatment rooms and a reception area filled with local and quality beauty products, such as Dermalogica, Principessa Beauty, Beauty Through Balance, Jane Iredale, and St. Tropez. When you walk in, you are welcomed to soothing music, warm walls, and friendly staff.

In trying out Fruition Day Spa - I chose to try the manicure and pedicure combo, and brought my sister along for some girl bonding time. It was definitely a wonderful choice!

Diet Consultation with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist

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Dec 23rd, 2010

Do you wish you knew just what to eat at all times?
Do you want to eat better but it seems so time consuming?
Are you ready to learn a delicious approach to health?

For those working 40+ hours a week, finding the energy to make it through the day can be tough. Snacking on a granola bar after drinking a large, soy Americano misto seems like a healthy choice on the go, but fast-forward to 2 hours later and we find ourselves crashing and craving a big greasy burger for lunch.

Trading in chemicals for natural cleaning products

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Dec 20th, 2010

AspenClean natural products in a photograph from the company

AspenClean, a West Vancouver based company and maid service, is striving to remove harmful chemical cleaning products from homes across the lower mainland, says Alicia Sokolowski, AspenClean’s owner. Today, my Vancouver apartment got treated to a makeover with AspenClean's products and cleaning teams. And now I know why they’re so in demand.

In my home, for the last few months,  dust has been collecting in the corners and on the shelves---despite a weekly intensive four hours of cleaning.  Fingerprints stamped the windows and no matter how deliberately I scrubbed the kitchen sink, it remained dull looking. Okay, I admit it, I’m no maid and I probably didn't give it the time it required to look the way I wished it would.

Vancouver’s Fitness Leaders: StayFitAnywhere

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Nov 26th, 2010

Miranda working out with StayFitAnywhere

With a philosophy of gradual habit and life changes rather than crash diets and extreme workouts I fell in love with this program. I’m an avid watcher of The Biggest Loser, and with a recent want to lose weight I was very happy when this ethical deal came my way.

I’d just spent a month at a boot camp when I started the Building Blocks program. I worked very hard at the boot camp and went as often as I could, but my expectations were big, The Biggest Loser big. Now I know I cannot, should not, and would not lose the weight of another human being, but I’d been programmed to think the bigger the number the better the results. With such lofty expectations the boot camp didn’t go as expected: I lost zero pounds and zero inches, gained some shin splints, and longed for something more effective.

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