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Atlantis Night Circus turns Vancouver FanClub into a nautical wonderland

Kelly Marion
Jan 16th, 2014

Photos by Kelly J Marion @kellyjean247

Mermaids, octopi, jellyfish and a shark. Donning my sparkling, ocean-blue mini dress I entered a room of sailors and prepared myself for the weird and wonderful ways of Atlantis.

Vancouver FanClub turns into a nautical wonderland during Dine Out Vancouver's Atlantis Night Circus. The organizers (Myriam Steinberg, Tourism Vancouver and Vancouver FanClub) collaborated with Yelp Vancouver to host a preview party on the 15th, before opening to the public on the 17th for its inaugural event. If all goes well with ticket sales and popularity is evident this pilot event may be added to their regular programming.

Taste of Tulalip

Kelly Marion
Dec 19th, 2013

Photos by Kelly Jean Marion - follow her at @kellyjean247

Taste of Tulalip celebrated its fifth year this November with a slew of delectable and informative events. From the Magnum Party where Cristal and Petrus was flowing and Celebrity Chefs were mingling, to an intimate Chimay tasting where there was an opportunity to pick the brains of a beer experts, it was an impressive festival.

Staying nourished and balanced at Cornucopia

Kelly Marion
Nov 20th, 2013

Scoby to the left of the kombucha. 

A new addition to Whistler's Cornucopia festival this year was a series of "Nourish" seminars and yoga/meditation classes. While one may wonder what this has to do with a food and wine festival where indulgence seems to be the highest priority, it is the balance it creates that is key.

At Last year's Cornucopia I attended ten events in three days - that's a lot of food and libations with very little down-time. At the end of it I was exhausted, sluggish and had a daunting amount of work ahead of me. This year, while I still attended a plethora of events, I ensured that I maintained my energy levels and tended to my well-being by participating in activities that didn't involve alcohol, high heels or an endless supply of food.

Judges announce the winner of the Whistler Chef's Challenge

Kelly Marion
Nov 15th, 2013

Photos: Stefan Vagelatos plates his dish; the secret ingredient - Namaste Tea's wild mint

After an intense bout of preliminary heats on Tuesday, and a sweat inducing semi-finals and finals, the winner of the Whistler Chef's Challenge has been chosen. Part of Whistler’s annual Cornucopia food and wine event, Whistler’s best chef’s face off against each other in time-limited cooking competitions.

Once upon a night in Fort Langley...

Kelly Marion
Nov 5th, 2013

Photos by Kelly Jean Marion @kellyjean247

In late September, I took a step back a century and delved into Canada's history with the help of Vancouver Coast and Mountain Tourism and the team at the Fort Langley National Historic Site.

Fancy hats and fashion with "Ladies Who Lunch"

Kelly Marion
Oct 30th, 2013

Photos by Kelly Jean Marion @kellyjean247

What happens when you throw a multitude of entrepreneurial women into a banquet room in a private club?

An inspiring afternoon of chatter, fancy hats, high heels, healthy food, decadent dessert, and a slew of new connections. At least that's what happened at October's edition of Ladies Who Lunch.

The series, which is hosted by Maria Kritikos, aims to bring together like-minded women in an attempt to foster new relationships and essentially expand businesses by bridging the gap between other businesses. It holds the sentiment of "How can you help me and, in turn, how can I help you?"

An enchanting evening of wine and whales at Toast to the Coast

Kelly Marion
Oct 28th, 2013

Photos by Kelly Jean Marion @kellyjean247

An elegantly dressed crowd, BC wine, top Chefs preparing Ocean Wise canapés and...illuminated jellyfish. 

This isn't a sentence you see strung together frequently, but it was a reality last Friday at the Vancouver Aquarium. Toast to the Coast, an anticipated annual event, brought together more than 500 individuals for a delicious fundraising event. Through ticket sales, a "spin it to win" wheel and a diverse silent auction, an incredible $100,000 was raised to support the Aquarium’s conservation, research and education programs. The silent auction alone raised more than $22,635 due to the extensive variety of items catered to every individual.

Variety, the Children's Charity, raises funds for special needs children

Kelly Marion
Oct 7th, 2013

Photos by Kelly J Marion -

Variety, the Children's Charity, held a Market and Auction event yesterday at the Westin Bayshore. 

The informal event continuously provides an opportunity to raise money for Variety's many initiatives to help kids who have special needs. The day unfolds with the perusing of silent auction items - all generously donated by organizations and individuals alike - a delicious brunch, the grocery component of the event, and a live auction. 

Fun stuff to do in and around Vancouver through mid-September

Sheryl Nagao
Aug 25th, 2013

Make it a productive week and get networking at Vancouver's Biggest Networking Event and Changemaker's Night Out. Live out the rest of these warm, carefree days and dance the night away at Amnesty International's End of Summer Party and Ice Cream Social's Retinal Circus. And for those looking for some time to unwind, the Cacao Elemental Series is for you. Don't miss out - mark these dates down in your calendars!

Mountain biking and hiking on a summer alpine adventure

Kelly Marion
Aug 21st, 2013

Photos by Kelly J Marion - check out her blog at

In  the middle of nowhere exists a small version of Whistler minus the hoards of people.

Sun Peaks Resort is situated five hours outside of Vancouver, through the Fraser Valley, and just past Kamloops. Despite popular belief, it's not a treacherous drive, except dealing with traffic when initially escaping Vancouver.

After hours of highway driving, an exit brings you to an adorable, desolate-looking building, known as Heffley Creek Store, where you can stock up on cold beer, simple groceries, and gasoline.

Here you take a right and followed the winding Tod Mountain Road for roughly 30 k  to arrive in the heart of Sun Peaks Resort.

The village itself is quaint, and it seemed to me that it would be an easy feat to "conquer" it, if you were trying to cross items (restaurants, clubs, activities, shops) off of a list.

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