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The Beautiful Game

Homeless World Cup Parade

David Smith
Sep 20th, 2010

Video of the HWC opening parade includes video of Captain Patrick Oleman dancing up a storm

Homeless World Cup draw deconstructed

David Smith
Sep 19th, 2010

Team Canada picture here with first round opponents Cambodia.

Canada’s first games are Monday when they play Ireland and Cambodia. The next two games are on Tuesday against Mexico and Romania.

Teams for the Homeless World Cup play a brand of indoor soccer, with six players on the floor at a time and the walls in play. Only two defenders are allowed in the defensive zone which ensures that the play is fast paced, with plenty of goals.

The competition itself  is divided into three stages. In the preliminary stage the teams play a single round robin. At the end of the round robin the top 3 teams from each group are placed in section 1, and the other teams going into section 2. In the second phase of the competition there are 8 groups of six teams each with 4 groups in each section.

After the secondary phase of competition, the teams are split one more time into 6 groups of eight based on their results, and a final, championship round is played with a trophy available for each group.

Homeless World Cup: Coach's Report Day 1 by Alan Bates

David Smith
Sep 17th, 2010

Team Canada Coach Alan Bates

The following Post is directly from Team Canada Coach Alan Bates

Hi Street Soccer fans,

Coach Alan Bates reports on the Homeless World Cup

David Smith
Sep 17th, 2010

Team Canada Coach Alan Bates

Homeless Cup Team Canada Coach Alan Bates reports from Brazil.  His letter follows:
Hi Street Soccer Fans,
Day 2 started with a meeting to comment on successes and address problems that we had on day 1. Let's be honest, this kind of trip was never going to be without its challenges. I think we're lucky to be here a bit early to work out little things and start to bond as a team.
If you just want to see some photo highlights from today, go to:
Team Canada Captain Patrick Oleman strikes a pose

Canada's Homeless World Cup team wings its way to Rio

David Smith
Sep 16th, 2010

Team Canada Captains Patrick Oleman and Kevin King chow down at the sendoff breakfast on Wednesday

Follow the homeless world cup on you tube and through the website

Team Canada was honoured at a sendoff breakfast on Monday.


Each Player received a new sports bag and track suit for the trip to Brazil


Friends and family came out to support the team. Pictured here Rick Mountain's son James and mother Adreon


Kailin See pictured here explaining some of the logistics for the trip will be accompanying the team and sending back pictures RIGHT KAILIN!!??


Canada's Homeless World Cup Team: Countdown to Rio

David Smith
Sep 12th, 2010

Back Row, Left to Right: Alan Bates (Coach), Frank Studhorse, Jeremy Isassc, Bobby Lenarduzzi, Peter Chow, Randy Comiso leaning in, Kevin King, Patrick Oleman

Front Row: Ricky Mountain and son James, Sarah Blyth (Manager)

The current Homeless World Cup roster for Rio is:

Kevin King (Captain)
Randy Comiso
Patrick Oleman (Captain)
Richard Mountain
Frank Studdhorse
Jeremy Isaac
Robert Milton
Peter Chow
Coach Alan Bates

Manager Sarah Blyth

The team has faced many challenges in its effort to get to Rio, in addition to the fundraising challenges the process of getting visas and passports has been very challenging. Many of the players lacked original ID. One player had to take a driver's test 3 times in order to get a second piece of ID so that he could get a passport. The whole process of getting visas and passports was made possible through Leo Cooper's tireless efforts.

The team departs September 15th and a sendoff is being planned. People and organizations from around the community continue to support the team. Vancouver Whitecaps President Bobby Lenarduzzi invited the team to the Whitecaps Game against Puerto Rico Islanders on September 5th.

Buzz around Canada's Homeless Soccer team grows

David Smith
Sep 3rd, 2010

The Buzz around Canada's homeless world cup team is growing. Yesterday Vancouver's Province newspaper ran an editorial supporting the team

and ctv news also ran a story in the last day

There is a rumour that the homeless team will be in attendance at this Sunday's Vancouver Whitecaps game.

Canada's Homeless World Cup team

David Smith
Aug 22nd, 2010

Portland FC at Moberly Park. 5 Players from Portland FC along with 3 players from the Sun Eagles take off for Rio for the Homeless World Cup in less than a month. Photo credit. Megaphone. Ken Villeneuve, John-Ward Leighton, Kevin Hollett

Canada’s players in the annual Homeless World Cup take off for Rio de Janeiro in less than a month.

The team, made up of 5 players from Portland FC (named after the Portland Hotel) and 3 players from another DTES team, the Sun Eagles, is preparing for the annual tournament which is being held in Brazil this year beginning September 15. More information about this year’s tournament can be found at the Homeless World Cup website.

Before the practice began I chatted with Patrick, who, along with goalkeeper Kevin (who was absent today), was elected captain of the team on Sunday. Many of the team’s players, like Patrick, have not travelled outside of Canada. Patrick had just received his first passport and he told me that it looked good. 

English Premier League Top 5

Sammy Rowan
Aug 17th, 2010

A Weekly View into the top 5 performances in the English Premier League.

With the summer drawing to a conclusion, soccer fans around the world can rejoice with the start of the 2010/2011 English Premier League season. Here are my thoughts on who should be the top teams.

1. Chelsea

Chelsea started their 2010/2011 campaign off with a dominating performance over premier league newboys West Brom winning 6-0. Striker Didier Drogba maintained his top form from last year with a three goals.

2. Manchester United

World Cup: Ten Questions after the Spanish Celebration

David Smith
Jul 18th, 2010

Spanish Supporters Celebrate Spain's Victory on Commercial Drive

1)     Has the science of defending made the game too fragile? The final was dramatic, but not beautiful. At the highest level very few goals are scored and so much depends on referees decisions. If the unlucky Heitinga had not been sent off with less than 5 minutes to go as a result of Iniesta’s quasi dive, would this have likely been the 3rd of the last 5 world cups ('94 and '06) to be decided on penalty kicks?

2)     Will FIFA finally allow goals to be reviewed by video replay? With so much depending on the referees decisions, is there anything else that can be done to make them more reliable?

3)      What good soccer books and films can I fill my days with over the next 4  years?

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