EAT! Vancouver reveals city's eclectic food scene

Photos by Elynn Ngu

Foodies gathered to discover sweet pastries, spicy curries, local food and much more at the EAT! Vancouver Food and Cooking festival at the Vancouver Convention Centre, which took place on Sunday.

Although the event was an opportunity for businesses to promote and sell their products, it was also a chance for Vancouverites to discover new and different tastes of their own city.

A glimpse of the many food stations set out by local restaurants

Amongst the hundreds of exhibitors, I managed to uncover a few of Vancouver’s hidden gems. One of these was the Bonchaz. This incredibly buttery and chewy pastry can be described as a cross between a French brioche and a Mexican conchas although it looked more like a cinnamon bun before it was baked. The Bonchaz comes in unique flavours including chocolate truffle, and banana walnut. I tried the Original Bonchaz with a touch of sea salt. This bun-like pastry had a good balance of sweet and saltiness.

The original Bonchaz pastry

Wowz raisins may look just like ordinary raisins, but they've have been infused with dozens of different flavours such as sour apple, mango and even root beer. The raisins are a great alternative to candy if you’re craving something sweet or sour, or both.

Samples of Wowz flavoured raisins

For a sweet cookie-cake-candy fusion, Canadian Maple Delights had delicious maple waffle cookies. Each bite of this thin, crunchy cookie is filled with a sugary, maple flavour that screams Canada.

Tasty maple waffle cookies by Canadian Maple Delights

EAT! Vancouver also featured a number of events including a demonstration by Preet Marwaha, owner of Organic Lives, an organic, raw vegan restaurant. Marwaha and his assistant demonstrated a delicious pasta primavera with zucchini noodles and fresh and sun-dried tomatoes.

This “pasta” was so delicious and fresh that you forget you’re not eating starchy noodles.

Owner and Founder of Organic Lives with his assistant chef making zucchini "noodles"

A raw vegan version of Pasta Primavera from Organic Lives

Other notable events included a beer and chocolate pairing class, a Caesar school, and a variety of different ethnic cooking demonstrations. Celebrity chef s Rob Feenie, Dale MacKay, Connie DeSousa, Graham Kerr were also present at the festival.

Vancouver's celebrity chef, Rob Feenie

If you missed out on this weekend or couldn’t make it out to Vancouver, no worries, Eat! Fraser Valley is just around the corner. It runs from September 16 – 18th at the Abbotsford Tradex exhibition center and will feature a chocolate competition.

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